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Put your worries at ease with this comprehensive and customizable resource which ensures smooth transactions, clear expectations, and delighted clients, making your cake business a piece of cake! 


Our comprehensive Cake Contract covers all the essentials, from customer information and order details to payment requirements, allergen specifications, and design inspirations. It also includes delivery information and a signature line, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for both you and your clients.


Learn more about cake contracts here.

TEMPLATE: Customizable Cake Contract

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Disclaimer: This digital download cake contract is designed to assist you in confirming details with your clients. However, it may not be legally binding and should not be considered a substitute for professional legal advice. We recommend consulting with a qualified attorney to create your own policy with terms and conditions that meet your specific business needs and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Use of this contract is at your own discretion, and we disclaim any liability arising from its use.

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