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The Power of Upselling

chocolate covered candied apples

I believe we can all agree that generating revenue solely from the sale of treats/desserts can be quite a challenge, particularly until you're producing larger quantities and reaping the advantages of economies of scale. There are other ways you should be thinking about adding to the profit of the product, and we're here to spill the sprinkles on how to master the art of upselling – from rush fees to cute add-ons like bows and tags.

Why Upselling Matters

  • Boost your revenue: Upselling goes beyond the treat; it's like the finishing touch that adds value to your customers' orders and boosts your earnings by providing extras.

  • Enhance customer experience: Ever received a beautifully wrapped gift? It's a small gesture that makes you feel special. Adding edible decorations, bows, tags, and premium packaging to your treats turns your baking into an experience your customers will remember.

  • Build customer loyalty: When you go the extra mile, your customers notice. Even though they are paying for these add-ons (either included in the price or as an extra service), they'll remember your attention to detail and come back for more. If it's a gift they're giving, it makes them look good as well. Happy customers mean repeat business!

Upselling Options

  • Packaging Add-ons: Don't underestimate the impact of small details. Turning a cake ball into a cake pop, replacing lollipop sticks with decorative straws, upgrading a traditional wooden popsicle stick to an acrylic, metallic one...these details impact the overall presentation of your products. If the treats are for an event or gift, be prepared to offer something that can take the beauty of the treats to the next level. Let's not forget individual wrapping! It not only makes it easier to transport and handle the treats, but it also makes it more sanitary for the guests who will be eating them. Be sure you're charging for your time on these.

  • Bows & Tags: Add a personal touch by tailoring your treats with occasion-matching bows and tags that showcase thoughtfulness, setting you apart. Elevate your goodies for any event with gift boxes, ribbons, and themed tags. Remember, crafting these takes time – make sure to charge for it and reap the profit.

  • Decorative Options: Every customer loves a little more detail and there are always ways to enhance your products. It could be an extra color of drizzle, fancier sprinkles, customization/personalization options, gold dusting, glitter or even decorative pieces of chocolate or royal icing on top of the already amazing treat. If you have time and resources to add these upgrades, offer them for an additional fee. Having photos to illustrate what you're describing can be quite beneficial, as they help ensure clarity for the customer.

  • Bundle Deals & Specials: Bundle Deals & Specials: Who Doesn't Love Savings? Of course, while generosity is wonderful, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your profit margins. Calculate your costs and determine how much you can comfortably discount without compromising your bottom line. Remember, a successful deal benefits both you and your customers. You'll not only keep your customers engaged but also create a win-win situation where they get to enjoy savings, and you continue to grow your business. There are a few ways to go about this.

1. Sample Surprise: Want to pique your customers' curiosity? Include a free sample of your new product with every order. It's a fantastic way for them to test out something new, and it adds a delightful surprise to their purchase.

2. Buy 1, Get 1 Free (Or More!): Have extra inventory you'd like to clear out? Consider running a Buy 1, Get 1 Free or Buy 2, Get 1 Free promotion. Not only does this help you move surplus stock, but it also makes your customers feel like they're getting a fantastic deal.

3. Mix and Match Discounts: For instance, "Buy 1 for $7 or 2 for $10." This approach encourages customers to purchase more while enjoying savings.

  • Rush Fees: Life gets busy, and sometimes people need treats "yesterday." Offer rush services for those last-minute orders. It's a win-win: you help them out, and you earn a little extra for the inconvenience it may cause in your schedule. Just because it doesn't impact your level of quality of service as you take on more projects than anticipated.

  • Delivery Fees: Door-to-door deliveries have become exponentially more popular. People want convenience and are willing to pay a premium for it. The fee includes the cost of your time, the wear and tear on your vehicle, gas and the overall convenience you're providing because you have to take those extra precautions when transporting delicate cargo. While it may not be a need for everyone, having it as an option could be the reason they select you for the business opportunity.

The Missed Opportunities

  • Forgetting the WOW factor: Ever received a plain-looking gift? It's not as exciting, right? Packaging and add-ons add that "wow" factor, turning your treats into showstoppers. Most often, the treats purchased from us are actually for other people - to share at an event with their guests, to give it as a gift, etc. Having memorable treats that also taste delicious brings customers back for more.

  • Leaving money on the table: Without upselling, not only are you not showing your clients how beautiful you can make something when given the creative freedom, but you're leaving potential earnings behind. These extra details add up over time.

Tactics for Upselling

  • Friendly suggestions: When a customer orders treats, depending on the type of occasion, you could mention the ease and cleanliness of having things individually wrapped. If it's applicable casually mention how cute they'd look with some additional details, coordinating accents, matching tags and ribbons. Remember that some people may not know they're even an option, and that's why they didn't initially ask. If they send you inspirational photos, be sure to explain to them the level of detail and offer them some options depending on their budget and preferences.

  • Value proposition: Explain the benefits of each add-on. For packaging, let them know it's more sanitary and the extra details are a perfect way to make their gift extra special.

Upselling isn't just about adding dollars to your piggy bank – it's about making your baking business bloom. With rush fees, delivery perks, packaging add-ons, and those adorable bows and tags, you're taking your treats to the next level. Don't miss out on the chance to sweeten your customers' experience, boost loyalty, and create unforgettable moments.


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